Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Sucks!

Well I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything here but there has been nothing really to post because even before it began there will be no triathlons for me this season.

June 29th I am going to have back surgery and will be down 4-6 weeks (thus missing the PineBush Race) and my chance to do an Olympic distance in August.

After 2 rounds of lumbar shots I still had pain in my back and leg...so the doctor is going to have to go in and clip the disc which is apparently wrapped around the nerve and reposition the nerve...close to what I had done in 2002.

Just my luck...

I am down to 1 session a week with the personal trainer and that depends on how the back is doing that day. I look over at my bike and wish I could be out riding it instead of sitting on my butt inside.

Oh well I guess there is always next year

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Possible Setback For This Season

So it has been awhile since I updated here and I wish I could say that I am on the verge of being ready to begin my second session of triathlon. Unfortunately that is not the case...

Around mid January I felt a pain that I had not felt in 7 years...I am talking about pain in my lower back and shooting pains down my left leg. At first I thought that I had just over done it one evening but after that it continued and got worse. Finally I decided to go to the Doctor who had me take another MRI and found that my L5 disk is once again bulging and causing me major discomfort.
So right now I am not sure if I am going to be able to race this summer. Going to try Lumbar Injections and if those don't work then the Dr is will do tests to see if surgery would solve the problem. Hope that I don't have to go the surgery route since I would be down for a month and I live alone which makes it difficult

So we'll see...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Detox

Yeah so it has been awhile...I know.

Not much has been going on since the last post minus working with the trainer and catching an extra Spin class sub job when I could.

I am so glad the holidays are over. I am sick of eating or being tempted by food which is readily available.

Starting Monday I am back to watching what goes in the old piehole.

Today I did an indoor "triathlon" which consisted of a 500yd swim, 1.5 hr Spin class, and 2 miles on the Arc trainer...and I felt decent afterward.

So here is the proposed races I am going to do this year:
July 12th: Pinebush (sprint)
August 9th: Spirit of Morgantown (Olympic)
Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon TBA
Sept. 20: Buzzards Bay (sprint)

I got a lot of training to do between now and then. Probably won't join the tri-club at the gym until they start working outside in the Spring.

Stat tuned....

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I had my Sleep consultation this afternoon and after having my right nostril violated by a long scope like thing I have to have a sleep test.

So I get to spend next Monday night hooked up to wires while I sleep at the clinic. If the test is positive then I will have to do it again with the mask.

Yeah so hopefully I will find out why I wake u 2-3 times a night.


I am sure my Insurance hates me ...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yearly Physical

So I had my yearly physical today... and sorry to disappoint some of you but I am going to make it.

Now I am not a hypochondriac but since I have insurance I figure I might as well use it. Plus I wanted (and got) a note so I can get a sleep study done, because waking up 1-2 times a night for the past few months is getting out of hand. I also wanted to make sure everything was working properly and get an idea of how far I need to go with my personal training I have been doing. Speaking of which I couldn't walk comfortably from Thursday to Saturday due to the lunges I had to do. Of course I get to do them again this Wednesday. Had the 3rd session this evening and so far I am not feeling it ...we will see about in the morning though.

Well I need to get a few things done around the house before heading to bed...4:20am comes early.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Top 5 songs about Pain that I can think of right now:
1 Jimmy Eat World: Pain
2. Three Days Grace: Pain
3. Dinosaur Jr: Feel the Pain
4. Faster Pussycat: House of Pain
5. Chevelle: Send the Pain Below

So I have now had 2 sessions with my personal trainer and let me tell you tonight she kicked my butt.

My legs are aching and sore and so are my arms...and then she made me do planks...those are tough.

After my hour sessions was up I walked around the track for about 10 minutes before hitting the ArcTrainer for 45 minutes ...then I went and did the Master's Swim which also was tough not only because I was sore from the personal training but I had not been in the pool since before my last race. I have just been doing a lot of spinning lately as I seem to have no life what so ever.

Anyway .. off to bed so I can wake up a few times during the night ...going to Spin in the morning is going to be a "Can I move in the Morning" call

Thursday, October 16, 2008

5 Year Plan

So it has bee almost a month since my last race of the season.

Since then I have mainly been doing Spinning classes in the morning and evening. I have also plateaued with my weight loss which has been rather frustrating.

Starting Monday I am getting back on the horse...I have my first session with my Personal Trainer whom I met and talked to this evening before Spin class. This is going to be good because not only will I start working on strength training but I will have someone there making sure I do it correctly and efficiently.

I think a large part of the last few weeks is that I don't have a race coming up until next year so the idea that I need to be training seriously and there is no deadline. In college and grad school I always worked better when I had a set date that I had to have a project finished.

So I have decided to set a goal of completing an Iron Man Triathlon in 2013. That give me more than enough time to get in shape and gradually increase the length of races that I do in order to build up to the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile Bike, and 26.2 mile run. If I keep on track then by the time I am 35 I will achieve this goal.

Will it happen...I hope but who knows...We all know how well the 5 plans worked for the Communists.