Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Top 5 songs about Pain that I can think of right now:
1 Jimmy Eat World: Pain
2. Three Days Grace: Pain
3. Dinosaur Jr: Feel the Pain
4. Faster Pussycat: House of Pain
5. Chevelle: Send the Pain Below

So I have now had 2 sessions with my personal trainer and let me tell you tonight she kicked my butt.

My legs are aching and sore and so are my arms...and then she made me do planks...those are tough.

After my hour sessions was up I walked around the track for about 10 minutes before hitting the ArcTrainer for 45 minutes ...then I went and did the Master's Swim which also was tough not only because I was sore from the personal training but I had not been in the pool since before my last race. I have just been doing a lot of spinning lately as I seem to have no life what so ever.

Anyway .. off to bed so I can wake up a few times during the night ...going to Spin in the morning is going to be a "Can I move in the Morning" call

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