Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon Preview

So the Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon is tomorrow.

This afternoon I went over and picked up my race packet and looked around the Expo they had. The expo was alright basically just 2-3 places selling gear. I did look and try out some insoles one of the exhibitors had which were really nice and a lot less then it would cost to get orthopedic from a chiropractor.

Anyway my race number is 565 and my swim cap is a neonish red. I checked out the transition area and my rack is in the back which is going to be bad for the swim to bike part but good for the bike to run leg of the race.

So time to break down the race
Distance: 1/4 mile Ocean Swim

Unfortunately they did not have the buoys out for the course yet so I didn't get to visualize it so that is an unknown until tomorrow morning. This is going to be somewhat different since this will be my first ocean swim so I am not really sure what to expect. Also I am not going to go all out on the swim like I did my first race, I am shooting for 80% max effort so that I can conserve some energy for the other 2 legs of the race.

Distance: 10 miles
So I driven and biked the course over Labor Day weekend so I am somewhat familiar with the directions and elevation. For the most point it is flat with one small hill in the middle so it should be fairly fast...the last 4 miles is basically a straight away to the transition area.

Distance: 3 mile beach run
So the run....yeah...should be interesting. I did a short run back in September just to get the feel of running on the beach, which is pretty solid.
So a few changes from last race:
1. Dealing with a wetsuit getting it off in transition should be an experience.
2. Not wearing socks during the bike or run, hoping to save some time in transitioning
3. Probably not going to wear my knee strap, even though my knee has been sorer than usual in the past few days but I have been using the cream the Dr gave me so we shall see.
4. I am going to have a cheering section and a personal photographer so I can't bonk or have a bad showing.

Well the car is packed and the bike is loaded so all I have to do is get up and head out in the morning around 7 AM so I can get set up before the race starts at 9AM.

So I am headed to bed soon so I can hopefully get some rest.

we shall see...

Race report tomorrow...maybe...if I survive