Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon Race Report: Part Duex

And Now the Rest of the Story....

The Bike
Distance: 10 miles

The bike leg of the race went about as I expected it to go. I was glad I had ridden the course back during Labor Day weekend because it gave me an idea where I was distance wise. I also noticed that it looked as though they had patched some of the spots in the road. I did my fair share of passing but for the most part was passed but mainly by those with areobars so I didn't feel that bad. I was able to maintain a decent cadence and pace...I even passed about 3 or 4 people going up the slight hill about the middle of the course. They did change the end of the course slightly but nothing too major and before I knew it I was back to the transition area.
Total Bike Time: 34 minutes 37 seconds
Overall 297/500
Clydesdale Division: 27/42

Transition 2
My Transition 2 time was somewhat respectable ... Had I set my running shoes on the side where I had the extra room to move it would have been quicker, that and had I not almost spit back up the PowerAde I drank. I decided to stick with the bike jersey instead of dealing with the t-shirt. I was going to wear a t-shirt with a design I commissioned but the guy didn't finish the design in time. So after pulling the running shoes on and grabbing my run belt with my number I headed out of the transition area.
Total Transition 2 Time:1 minute 46 seconds

Distance: 3 mile beach run

So coming out of the transition area you had to run down the side walk and then down the sea wall ramp to the beach.

Once on the beach I tried to settle into a nice pace but like last time I ended alternating walking and running. I think part of it was running on the sand the other part was there no clear run out/run back lane divider . It is sad when you are getting passed by a 65 year old (ages marked on the back of leg) but hey whatever. After making the turn around I tried going longer stretches of running and shorter walk breaks. When I saw the Bath House and the crowd coming up I decided no more walking...

As I got closer you could hear the crowd cheering everyone on and I even heard my crew. As I got closer there were a group of little kids wanting high fives so I obliged...
So I finally was close to the finish line
And of course I had to run up the ramp to the sea wall...and like my coach said "we spit on hills" so I did ...not that I had a lot of spit on my mouth by then.

After making it to the top it was just ~10 feet to the finish so I burned the rest of the tank.
and the guy in front of me stops right in front after he crossed the line and entered the chute. And what they say is true, an overweight object in motion tends to stay in motion and can't immediately stop so I bumped into the guy but it was all cool.

Total Run Time: 32 minutes 51 seconds
Overall 427/500
Clydesdale Division: 31/42

OVERALL TIME: 1 hour 25 minutes 18 seconds
Overall 427/500
Clydesdale Division: 25/42

So after doing the hardest part of the race....getting the timing chip off my leg... I headed over to my friends then realized there was banannas and stuff like that so went over and grabbed some nurishment before packing up to leave.

Overall it was a great race. Liked the transition setup with marked areas instead of first come, first serve. I plan to do Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon again next year.

Special thanks to Craig and Allison for taking pics & to Beth and Rebecca for coming out to watch and cheer.

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