Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

So this morning my legs were finally back to feeling normal (my knee on the other hand is a different story)...which is good since I have to race again on Sunday at the

After work I swam for about 45 minutes at the Y to keep the arms loose and to practice starting from floating in the water. I am heading over Saturday morning, spending the night and racing in the morning...I will be going over all by my lonesome...not that this is anything new since this is apparently my lot in life.

I plan to drive the bike course and check everything out Saturday afternoon. I will have the race preview up Saturday night as usual. Still not sure if I am going to push myself or just run the race as a simulator. It will depend on how I feel. Well off to bed soon, going to do the Yoga class before work and then an easy Spin after work before I check to make sure everything is still packed for the race

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